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RORE Investment Group

RORE Investment Group owned 82 hotels throughout Florida and Georgia, operating over 40 of them. They faced several key challenges:. They contracted Dr. TL Holmes and Anexus Media Enterprises, Inc. as marketing and business consultants to:

1. Create a new brand and communication style guide.
   a. Design a new logo (along with a color guide).
   b. Develop a new messaging guide.
   c. Craft a new tagline.

2.Devise a statewide employee recruitment campaign and implementation strategy through social media and their website.

3. Produce engaging video training LMS modules for new investors.

4. Create an exclusive split-test marketing campaign targeting millionaires who’s looking for investment opportunities to build trust and win their business.

5. Build an automated lead generation pipeline to efficiently manage new investors.

• Hiring 300 new employees with a remarkable 70% retention rate.
• Securing $285 million in new investment capital.
• Producing award-winning training videos for new investors and their social media followers.


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