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City of Faith – Michigan

After being contracted by a local church in Port Huron, MI, our mission was to empower the community and establish a sustainable presence in the inner city. Our journey began with an extensive community survey, which led us to organize a highly successful inner-city rally, capturing the attention of national media. Our unique campaign for the event included:

1. Launching a gas giveaway campaign to generate excitement and promote the event.

2. Designing and strategically placing six billboards.

3. Creating and broadcasting radio and TV commercials.

4. Orchestrating a dynamic social media campaign that garnered over 30,000 views.

5. Designing and placing QR code bus stop advertisements.

6. Distribute 15,000 gallons of free gas to the local community in partnership with Speedway, who also participated in the event. Furthermore, we assisted the church in establishing “The Dreamers Academy”, a program offering virtual classes for local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. These classes covered essential topics such as starting a business from the ground up, securing funding, and positioning businesses for city contracts. This initiative has significantly contributed to the sustainability and growth of the community.


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