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Full-scale marketing plan development

Our team of marketing masterminds will craft a full-scale plan that will leave your competitors scratching their heads. We'll analyze, strategize, and optimize every aspect of your marketing to ensure maximum impact.

Regional/National commercial Production

Our team specializes in crafting captivating visual strategies that bring your brand to life. From concept to production, we'll work our magic to create stunning commercial videos that leave a lasting impression. And that's not all! We'll also strategize the perfect placement to ensure your videos reach the right audience, whether it's on TV, social media, or other digital platforms.

Public Relations

Our PR experts are here to manage your brand's reputation, build strong relationships, and generate positive media coverage. We'll craft compelling press releases, connect you with influencers, and handle crisis communications with finesse.

We Shape the Perfect solution

Anexus Media Enterprises, Inc. is a Marketing Management Consulting firm that is based in New York and Florida. The company operates as an inner-city urban consulting firm with a focus on business, marketing, and technology consulting. Additionally, we handle other related aspects of community development and impact as requested by our clients. We are an official vender with New York City.


Full-scale marketing plan development


Digital marketing


Marketing asset development & design


o Website development


Professional photography

check our services list


Digital marketing

From social media sorcery to SEO enchantments, we'll cast spells that'll make your brand shine brighter than a viral cat video.

Marketing asset development & design

From eye-catching logos to stunning brochures, we'll make sure your visual game is strong.

Billboard design and national placement

Our billboard creatives will create larger-than-life designs that demand attention. We'll strategically place your message where it can't be ignored, reaching audiences far and wide.

Professional photography

Our photography professionals will capture your brand in all its glory. With their pro equipment, they'll transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whether it's product shots, corporate headshots or major concert events, we'll make sure your visuals pop like never before.

Marketing Consulting

Feeling lost in the marketing maze? Fear not! Our marketing consultants will be your compass in the chaotic world of advertising. With their expert guidance, you'll navigate through the challenges, make smart decisions, and unlock the secrets to marketing success. Get ready to conquer with confidence!

Website development

Our web development team will build you a digital masterpiece that will make you the talk of the town. With sleek designs, seamless user experience, and a touch of magic, we'll create a virtual space that captivates your audience.